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Please provide cost of translation of attached document. This is a sea shell picture with award for the period I served in Taiwan as a Military Advisor. I realize the complexity of the language and that a person would have to be familiar with specific military terms not in common use in daily language. Sincerely, The picture is a series of shells and drawings depicting the South East end of Taiwan that was the geographical District of the Chinese Second Field Army area of responsibility. XXXX Bowles
2、客户请我们翻译ding wha这个词汇
在 2015年12月27日,下午11:36, 写道:
One question. What is your translation of ding wha? This would give me an idea of your capability on translating terms, such as military terms that I am looking for on my document. I do not see any military term expertise in your interpreter credentials.
我提一个问题。请告诉ding wha应该如何翻译?你翻译一下便于我了解你们的翻译能力,尤其是在军事领域的文件翻译方面。我在你的简历里看不到任何军事术语的专业知识背景。
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Please see the resumes of the relative translators in the major:
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Did not answer question about Ding Wha
Your question is very strange to me. ding wha is not an English expression and also is not a Chinese expression.
你的问题对我来说很奇怪。ding wha既不是英语短语,也不是中文词汇。
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4、客户认为ding wha可以直译为电话
在 2015年12月28日,下午3:49, 写道:
If you check I believe you will find that ding wha is literally translated as telephone. Strict translation is ring and talk.
如果你搜索一下我相信你会发现ding wha可以直译为电话。严格的翻译是拨打电话和在电话里谈话。
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在中国我们是这样讲的: dian hua电话
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在 2015年12月28日,下午6:05, 写道:
In Chinese the translation spelling would be determined by the translation authority used. When I studied Chinese I used the Wade Giles System. All of these use a phonetic system that will most closely sound like the Chinese word. For example in English, Hua would be Wha, Hua, or Hwa. Another example is that in English, Creek, a small stream, according to region, would be pronounced crick, or creek. The same is true in the translation of military terms. The Chinese word for a large group of military men, as a unit, would not necessarily translate into a US Military equivalent, such as Battalion, Group, Detachment, Brigade, depending on the actual equivalent parallel U. S. Force structure.
当我学中文时,我用的是吉尔斯系统。所有这些使用一个音译系统,其译文的发音最接近中文的发音。例如,在英语中,Hua是Wha,Hua,或者Hwa。另一个例子是,在英语中,小Creek,小溪,根据区域的不同,翻译为crick, 或 creek。在军事术语翻译中同样如此。中国军队单位名称也是用音译,而不一定要根据意思翻译为美国军事领域的同等单位,如营,团,支队,大队等与美国部队等效的单位。
2015年12月29日(星期二) 上午09:53
For example, one unit I advised was the 2nd Field Army, Logistical Command, 42nd Transportation Truck Group. I have no idea how that would look in Chinese and then be translated to English. I was involved in this when Chinese was all transmitted in numbers because there was no way to transmit characters by telegraph. Basically it was done using a very large dictionary and each Chinese character was assigned a number, requiring each end to have the same reference book transmit and to translate to specific language. I do have a list in Chinese and English of the main people I was in contact with and their specific title.
2015年12月29日(星期二) 下午13:33
After 1958, Romanization Wade-Giles has been abolished in China.