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Document translation

Chinese Document Translation Service

The procedure of Mandarin,Chinese, English certified translation, notarization, certification and legalization by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassies:
1. Sending the electronic original documents by email:bjctn@hotmail.com;
2. Quotation through email;
3. Remittance;
4. Translation, print and stamp;
5. Sending the hard copy through EMS,DHL or FedEx.
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Translating certificates can be required during immigration, court processes and other legal proceedings. Certificates may be fully notarized by a public notary and further notarized by local governments for use outside of Canada.
Using our Professional Chinese Document Translators
A team of professional document translators will be provided with your documentation. We only assign your translations to qualified staff with experience in the particular field involved with the translation. We only use natives of the target language. This ensures that your document is translated accurately and as required.
Translations of Small Projects and Personal Documents
Smaller and personal documents can also be handled by our professional translators. We always use the same care and expertise regardless of a project’s size or complexity. Large or small, your document will be translated accurately and quickly.
Affordable, Timely and Accurate Translations
Our rates for translations are extremely competitive and we always provide accurate quotes and deliver on time. Our Chinese translations experts meet all international standards and all translations receive a final quality control check before being delivered to clients
Privacy and Confidentiality
Your personal information is protected by our confidentiality guarantee. Only the translator and project manager will have access to your documentation. Our employees are regulated by a rigid confidentiality policy that keeps the information contained in your documentation safe.

Chinese Document Translation Service
Chinese translation service is the core business of HYW Translation Company and HYW is the best Chinese translation service provider in China and the world. We provide translation services of various majors between Chinese and major languages in the world. When you search key words like “translation company”, “Chinese translation company” and “Beijing translation company”, etc. at Google search engine, our company’s website ranks the first place among Google’s organic rankings (non-advertisement). The Google ranks in accordance with the popularity of translation companies and click rates of their websites, which is a symbol that our company plays an important role in translation industry worldwide.
I. Status of Chinese translation
The comprehensive national strength of China is continuously rising and Chinese economic growth rises to the second place in the world. Since nearly 40 years of reform and opening-up, the political, economic and cultural exchange between China and various countries in the world has increased day by day. The degree of external independence of Chinese economy has reached up to xxx. Chinese translations play an essential role in these exchange activities and Chinese translation itself also becomes an important industry in Chinese economy. Total number of persons speaking Chinese ranks the second place in the world, which is second only to total number of persons speaking English. The number of individuals studying, working and traveling abroad from Chinese mainland also increases day by day and the demands of Chinese translation of Chinese individuals and foreign language translation of overseas Chinese individuals are increasing too. The number of persons studying, working and traveling in China also increases continuously and demands on Chinese translation services of foreign friends also increase.
II. Chinese translators
Most of our translators come from Chinese mainland and world-wide ethnic Chinese, whose native language is Chinese and the first foreign language is English or other languages. We also have many translation talents whose first foreign language is Chinese and native language is English or other languages. Our Chinese translators are all excellent translators employed by us after repeatedly testing and passing the probation period. The excellent translation talent teams are our most important basis to provide excellent Chinese translation services for clients.
III. Quality control system for Chinese translation
Except strict translator recruitment system, we also establish and implement strict quality assurance system. Firstly, as for each translation project, we always analyze and affirm its specialty and purposes, and then allocate it to the most suitable translators so as to develop strong points of each translator; secondly, in the process of translating, excellent translators who are professional counterpart always carefully translate each page and achieve the aim of accurate understanding of meanings of the original, appropriate expression of translation and smoothness of wording; thirdly, we arrange proofreading personnel to carefully proofread each page of document completed by translators, so as to eliminate various errors and ensure translation quality; fourthly, after submitting the translations to clients, we will keep communications with clients at any time and timely solve problems when encountering. 
IV. Scope of Chinese translation services
Our Chinese translation services mainly include the following several categories:
1. Translation of Chinese documents entrusted by institutions, including translation of all kinds of technical, commercial and legal documents. Types of documents are product instruction manual, bidding documents, various legal contracts or agreements, financial statements of enterprise, memorandums and business plans.
2. Chinese interpretation
Ordinary interpretation: escort interpretation for business study and travelling, interpretation for exhibition, business negotiation and so on
Technical interpretation: interpretation for equipment installation and debugging, technical training courses and release conferences of new product
International conference interpretation: alternating interpretation, simultaneous interpretation and whispering interpretation for international conferences
3. Website translation and construction: translate websites in Chinese into those in English and other foreign languages, and translate websites in English or other foreign languages into those in Chinese
4. Translation of audio and video
5. Subtitle production and dubbing of Chinese-foreign languages
6. Listening and translation of Chinese-foreign languages
7. Proofreading of Chinese-foreign languages
8. Writing of Chinese-foreign languages
9. Monitoring of Chinese newspaper clippings and social media news
10. Chinese media advertisement services and Chinese network marketing