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Mandarin Chinese Website Translation

Mandarin Chinese Website Translation

Translation Services for Websites

Our company understands that website translation services are a key component of new internationalized business. We can translate and localize your web materials and your web pages into Chinese and many other languages.

Business has now gone global – shouldn’t you stay with the times? It is absolutely essential that you maintain language connections with your new markets and your new customers. Our website translation services can help you succeed. If you want to have your web materials translated into Chinese – we can help!

Our company’s translation experts provide comprehensive website services to customers in China and all over the world. We can help customize and verify your website in order to allow you to reach a wider market.

Out company employs expert translators and linguists. We also have trained and skilled web designers familiar with the Chinese market and the globalized needs of modern businesses.

How much do we charge to translate your webpage?

The final price will be determined by the size and complexity of your translation job. We have qualified customer service agents standing-by to offer free quotes.

We can provide straight and basic translations of web text.

We can also translate and help re-design, localize and internationalize your web materials.

Simple translation of your web text is the most basic service option we provide. It’s also the most affordable. We can translate to and from countless languages – including Chinese. This will help your customers all over the world to understand more about your business and your services.

Localization, re-design and internationalization services come with a premium charge. Though slightly more expensive, these services are much more comprehensive and can help you connect better with a wider audience.

If you need your website translated or would like to start from scratch in Chinese or another language – we can help you.

No one in China translates webpages better than we do!

You can feel free to look at an example of a website we recently translated for a key partner.

Our company also provides comprehensive web services for clients all over the world. This includes things like internationalization of web materials, localization for the Chinese market and much, much more. If you need translations – we get the job done right!

Microsites designed for Chinese and foreign markets

Micro-translations for basic website text

Need a more cost-effective solution to website translation?

Our company provides microsite translation services that allow you to feature translated versions of some of your web materials. We can get messages out to more customers for much less money than it takes to translate your full website. This choice is especially popular with customers looking to expand to markets in China.

Learn more about our great microsite translation offers

Translations and localization for websites

Localization involves adapting webpage content to suit target audiences and cultures. If you are thinking about engaging a foreign market in China or elsewhere, localization is an absolute must.

Many US and European clients hire us to localize their website materials for the Chinese culture. We also provide localization for Chinese clients looking to expand abroad. When you hire us to localize your website, translation is only the first step.

Translating a website is just the beginning when it comes to success in foreign markets. Localization allows you to ensure that your web content is culturally appropriate and that key messages are maintained throughout the translation and transition process.

If you are thinking about having your website translated, you should always think about the following questions first:

?What is motivating the translation? Are you trying to attract more customers or educate people across cultures?

?What audience are you trying to reach? What groups will be involved with your target audience? What are the details and characteristics of these groups?

?What languages does your target audience speak and understand?

? What is the culture of your target audience? Do special considerations need to be made before translating your materials?

?Will the characteristics of your target audience mean that major structural changes will need to be made to your website text or its contents? Do you update the content on your website frequently, semi-frequently or not at all?

? Do you have in-house expertise that can apply changes?

The answers to all these questions will be key to the way we suggest handling your translation and localization project. We are here to help you through the entire process. More clients in China and all over the world are choosing our company to handle their web-based translation needs. Find out what all the hype is about by contacting us now.
For more information about website translation and localization, visit our webpage or contact a customer service agent today!