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Professional scope

IT Multilingual Solutions

No business sector changes and evolves as quickly as the Information Technology sector. IT industries have multilingual service needs that must be handled by only the most advanced and professional language companies. The IT Industry has service requirements which are years ahead of other sectors. Enormous amounts of financial investments are involved every day in areas such as R & D, expansion, and production.
The IT sector must take into account several factors for their multilingual needs. Products must be reliable, easy to use, applicable to modern needs, and safe. The industry is focused on benefiting society through the end results of their products, rather than the existence of the products themselves.
HYW Translation can provide your IT company with the multilingual services you have been searching for. We guarantee that you will be thrilled with the results. We can Localize your projects for any target audience.
On Site Localization Specialists
Programming and Engineering Specialists
Advanced Tech. Skills
Project Skills Adapted to the IT industry
Unsurpassed Quality Control
Regression Testing and Problem Solving
Professional Code Writers and Programmers
Operative Final-Product Delivery
(MS Windows, Linux, Unix, OSDOS, Mac)
(Oracle, SQL Server, MS Help)
We localize all products to suit client needs