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Professional scope

Telecommunications Multilingual Solutions

The modern world has seen a surge of telecommunications expansion. WIFI, Mobile Phones, Social Media and Real Time Business have become the norm. Companies now conduct business from any place to anywhere. They rely on mobility and the reliability of their mobile business tools. The pace is fast. Things are constantly changing and updates are regular. We are now seeing 4G networks replacing 3G Technology. Multimedia is key in the world of modern business. Companies are now relying on advanced telecommunications as necessities to conducting business rather than gimmicks.
HYW Translation has years of experience handling multilingual projects for the telecommunications sector. We handle services for countless areas in the field. Our operations are geared towards the needs of modern businesses and they are specialized to meet growing demand. At HYW, we have the people, the skills and the experience to make see your multilingual projects through to successful completion.
Here are some examples of HYW’s areas of specialization:
Point-to-point access
Telecommunications regulations and standards
Internet protection
Firewall detection
Remote network access
Firewall security
Unauthorized access detection