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Professional scope

Multilingual Solurtions For Every Industry

Beijing HYW Chinese Translation Company has the experience, know-how, staff, and quality control elements in place to provide solutions specifically geared for your company. We are flexible and adaptable. We understand that your company exists in a dynamic work environment and often requires solutions which are customized to each specific project. Below is a brief listing of just some of the diverse industries we have supplied services for:
Shipbuilding (civil and military)
We have handled complicated and technical projects for the shipbuilding industry. Our fast turnover and flawless multilingual services are perfectly geared to this fast moving and dynamic industry. Projects have included multilingual services in the following areas:
Maintenance and engineering
Propulsion and energy
Shipbuilding and shipyards
Weaponry and armaments
We meet the ISO 9001:2000 standard and our work has spanned the entire globe. We have experts in the naval field who understand nuances and changes in language and terminology. You will receive superior value for each dollar spent and our quality control processes are second to none.
The Insurance Industry
HYW Translation has experience handling countless types of insurance documents and materials. Our staff understands the language and management of Insurance Industry projects. HYW Translation can handle all of your multilingual needs, regardless of language combination or format. When you choose HYW Translation, you can rest assured that you will be thrilled with the end product.
And other fields of specialization…
Below is a listing of other industries that have contracted HYW Translation. We have developed experts specialized in handling the varieties of projects which are unique to each field. HYW Translation has the multilingual solutions you are looking for, regardless of your field.
Advertisement and Marketing
Tourism and Recreation
Food and Drug