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China Foreign Ministry Certification

Certified and notarized translations of diplomas, educational materials and Chinese transcripts

they will usually request that you get your Chinese Police Clearance Certificate translated and certified.

Notarize, Translate, authenticate birth certificate issued in English & Chinese Language Ministry of foreign affairs, legalize the document from UAE Embassy.

notarization, translation (from Chinese into Spanish), legalization by Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Argentina Embassy in Beijing.

consular certification of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China be applied for

you need to make it a notarial certificate because for the certificate made by CCPIT

our company also provides services of applying for a diplomatic authentication and embassy authentication in Beijing and Shanghai China.

Foreign-related notarial certificates, relevant certificates and documents that are sent abroad for use.

Timeliness and requirements of certification of the foreign-related notarial certificates issued in China.

We supply the Consular Authentication for the related notarizations or other relevant certificates concerning foreign affairs issued by Chinese mainland.

The certificates issued in China that has been authenticated has legal force and can be admitted by the related using authorities of the documents in abroad.

We can handle the domestic relation notarization and certification in China on behalf of you.

Chinese Embassy certification mainly includes the civil certifications and the commercial certifications.

Instruction of legalization and certification of the Department of Consular Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China

We can help you handle the notarization procedure in China and you can use the notarized documents in USA.

We can help you authenticate the no criminal record issued in China for use in Canada.

we supply certified Chinese translation Services,notarization services by Chinese notary public offices,Consular certification and legalization by zhongguo waijiaobu of China and Embassies of various countries in China.