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The procedure of Mandarin,Chinese, English certified translation, notarization, certification and legalization by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassies:
1. Sending the electronic original documents by email:bjctn@hotmail.com;
2. Quotation through email;
3. Remittance;
4. Translation, print and stamp;
5. Sending the hard copy through EMS,DHL or FedEx.
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The best translation not only involves accurate terminology used, but also is mixed with a combination of style and cultural flavor. Having your documents translated into another language could be vital for you and your company. It will not only be translated into a style the reader will understand, but will also convey your message more clearly. Purchasing translation services from our company will help you stand out from the rest and give you a better chance of success in the ever-changing world of business.

HuayiNet Translation will help you tear down those linguistic and cultural barriers. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver our clients the highest quality translation services at a cost-effective price. Our company is available to provide you with translation services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide you with the most accurate translation possible by professionally trained translators with years of translating experience in our extensive database.

Using HuayiNet Translation will help you to meet your language needs and help you reach the world one translation at a time.

We provide translation services into and from all of the major European and Asian languages. Click on the links below to learn more:
HuayiNet Translation offers German Translation Services in a variety of different fields. We specialize in the following areas including, but not limited to:
- Software localization and IT solutions
- Website translation
- Business & Finance
- Education
- Medicine
- Law
- Advertising
- Technical
- Government
- Tourism
- Art
In the event you or your company is in need of high quality, cost-effective German translations, then HuayiNet Translation is the service provider you are looking for. Our company has a combination of qualified linguistic experts as well as a dedicated team to provide you with the highest quality translation services possible. HuayiNet Translation’s database of German to English and English to German translators offers professional and timely translations. Every German to English and English to German translations is completed by native speakers to ensure that the result of the project is the best possible translation.
Why German Translation:
1. German is the native language of more than 120 million people.
2. In addition to Germany, German is also spoken in Austria, in large parts of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, as well as in parts of northern Italy, eastern Belgium and eastern France.
3. Along with Russian, German is the most commonly spoken language in Europe and is one of the top six most commonly spoken languages in the world after Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian and Hindi.
4. Germany has one of the most stable economies in the world and is a key member of the EU. Germany has strong economic ties with the USA and France and is the economic engine of Europe.
5. Translating your documents in German opens the international doors and increases any career path and gives an edge in the competitive business world.
6. German is the language of Goethe, Nietzsche and Kafka, Mozart Bach and Beethoven, Freud and Einstein. Every 10th book published worldwide is in German!
For each project, a qualified German translator with relevant experience in the subject matter of your document will be used. With HuayiNet Translation your project will be handled with care by one of our dedicated staff members to ensure that your project exceeds your standards. Furthermore, to ensure quality every translation will be proofread by an additional translator in order to provide you with the most accurate translation possible.
HuayiNet Translation is your reliable partner for all your German translation needs.
We are always willing to help you to make your business successful.