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English translation

The procedure of Mandarin,Chinese, English certified translation, notarization, certification and legalization by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassies:
1. Sending the electronic original documents by email:bjctn@hotmail.com;
2. Quotation through email;
3. Remittance;
4. Translation, print and stamp;
5. Sending the hard copy through EMS,DHL or FedEx.
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Reason to choose HYW to be your partners for English translation

As one of core languages, English is specialized by Chinatranslation.net. Rather than 140 languages can be offered to you, a small group has been selected by us. Building depth and proficiency is concentrated on when we offer you quality, personalized service and quick turnaround.

Reason we do translation to or from English

    • About 380 million people take English as their first language and up to 1 billion people take it as their second language..
    • After Chinese and Hindi, English is the third language, which is most commonly spoken worldwide and which is widely considered a "global language."
    • The United States take it as the predominant language, and the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, most other Commonwealth countries, and Ireland take it as the official language .
    • Because of the global influence of native English speakers in cinema, airlines, broadcasting, science, and the Internet in recent decades, English is now the second language in the world which is most widely learned..
    • English as a lingua franca for Europe (ELFE) is a concept, which is promoted by many linguists. This concept aims to make the English to be used in a standardized way in the EU.  People from EU countries already have widely used and understood English, in varied forms.
    • The U.S. and EU have strong economic ties with the whole world. The dominant force in worldwide commercial and financial markets is still constituted by English-speaking nations.
    • U.S.imports large quantities of machinery, automobiles, consumer goods, industrial raw materials, food and beverages. So, there is a wealth of opportunity for international trade with it.

British English versus American English and Other Variations

The English language, which spread widely through the centuries, today is spoken by people in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Naturally, English was developed into their own variations by these far-flung regions. The English used in Boston is deferent from that spoken in Manchester in many ways. People from Singapore  do not use English as same as that written in New Zealand, and so on. Because of these distinctions, translators in different parts of the world become our partners and the correct nuance of language to localize your translation to your target audience also is provided by us.

Introduction on English Translators

The right English translator for your needs will be provided by Chinatranslation.net. The right English translator for each project is chosen by us, according to the right language flavor and the appropriate experience in the subject matter of your document. If there is a computer-related document, which you need to translated it into English, the project will be taken on by the member of our network, who with the precise skills. Translation we cannot leave quality to chance; skill and experience decides the quality!

Quick turnaround for large projects

English translations can be readily handled with quick turnaround times. Furthermore by our global network of translators, who work to or from English (e.g., English-Spanish, English-German, English-Dutch, English-Italian, English-French, and English-Japanese), With still maintaining high quality, your urgent projects could be fulfilled through quickly and efficiently setting up a team of 4 or 5 translators (to or from English) .That is where Chinatranslation.net’s strength lies in its capacity to. Any reasonable request will be accommodated by us. However, please do not require us to finish a 200-page long technical user guide ,which should take 6 months to finish, to write to be translated overnight or in a couple of days!
Spanish to English or Italian to English, or English in any other language pair, translation degrees or qualifications have been internationally recognized by all Chinatranslation.net associates, who with many years of collective experience. Mother tongues are what all our translators work primarily in. Subject experts rather than linguists may be required in some very technical fields. but even under this condition, linguistic issues, style, grammar and spelling are always checked by the language expert.

Translation rates for the English language

According to the nuance of language you wish, we offer the rate to the translator in deferent ways. For example, an American translator in New York City asks more than an Irish professional, who in turn .While a Malaysian translator is normally not as expensive as an Irish professional.
·   Specificity of the text –the more research a translator has to perform, the more time the translation logically takes..
·   Total word count.
·   Requested deadline – we will ask for a 50% surcharge over the basic rate if the project need us to work overnight or during weekends.
·   Format of the document –a word processing format (for instance, MS Word-compliant) or html is the best-fit format for translation purposes.
It is evident that the price of a translation is influenced by a number of factors. That is why we ask all files that require translation to be sent us as soon as possible, by this way, an exact quote, based on all the factors mentioned above can be provided you by us.

Note on Adobe Acrobat pdf files

If you convert a pdf file into Word for editing, that would corrupts the layout of the text, mostly the embedded tables and pictures.That is what we would like to point to avoid problems.


The importance of safeguarding proprietary information is always realized by us. We ensure that all clients’ valuable data will always be treated confidentially. .