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The procedure of Mandarin,Chinese, English certified translation, notarization, certification and legalization by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassies:
1. Sending the electronic original documents by email:bjctn@hotmail.com;
2. Quotation through email;
3. Remittance;
4. Translation, print and stamp;
5. Sending the hard copy through EMS,DHL or FedEx.
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Will you choose Traditional or Simplified Chinese for your target market?

One reason that Chinese translation is diffcult is that the people of China use two forms of lettering system, Simplified and Traditional. It is importantfor you to use the correct one. If your target market is in mainland China, Simplified Chinese should be used in translations. If it's outside the Chinese mainland, Traditional Chinese is needed.
But it would be far more difficult if the translation needs to be colloquial - for example, a translation of a salesmen’s training handbook. This is because language habits, or dialects, are totally different from region to region. For example, in Chinese communities in North America, the word 'stamp' is often translated as it's pronounced in English,However, if the target market is the Chinese mainland or Taiwan, it should be translated. Clearly, it’s important that translated files must reflect the language habits and styles of the target Chinese.

Boost up your business with Simplified Chinese translation

There is only one standard for a translation service - perfection.
The perfect service means:
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Main points of  handling a Simplified Chinese translation

As language is constantly developing, we only hire native Chinese speakers who are currently living in the country in order to assure translations are up-to-date and accurate.

Meanings of colour

Chinese culture features three main colours: red, black and white.
  • Red refers to the positive sides of life such as happiness, richness, reputation etc. Red usually signifies good luck.
  • Black always hints at ugliness, crime, evil, sickness, sadness, violence and agony. Black is connected with bad luck and is forbidden during festivals, wedding celebrations or home decoration etc.
  • White is a balancing colour between red and black. It means moderation, innocence, sincerity and life, but is also a colour for funerals as people believe it can harmonise all things. In all rituals and ceremonies it can be used as it is a neutral colour.

Ensure quality for the smallest Simplified Chinese translation

You are probably refused when searching for a translation company to do a small translation.

They choose but lose!

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Trusted English to Simplified Chinese translation services

Our English to Simplified Chinese translations are only assigned to native Chinese speakers who are fluent in English and live in China. They will only translate the types of materials with which they are familiar.