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Gabriel SPANISH translator

I would like to express my personal profile specially to describe my natural skills and my attitude to participate in the building of a strong company.
I am a System Engineer, even though I have almost always worked as a teacher: Spanish, English and Computers. My abilities and skills are relevant in Human Relationships, Self-Motivation and psychological issues.
With regard to Computing Field, I have worked with programming languages such as Visual Basic, C++, FoxPro and other more. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, Internet and other Computer Applications.
Due to the information is infinite, an integral person must study everyday in order to get a high level of excellence. That is my case; I am actually in disposition to learn the innovations that are appearing quickly, and day by day.
Thank you very much in advance.
Gabriel Arévalo

With this Aphorism, I want to highlight the crucial necessity of getting a solid preparation that allows facing with efefectiveness, the challenges that represent the quick changes  of Informatics and society.
The vast information appearing day by day demands creating efficient mechanisms to obtain, understand and apply  this information efficiently, as a direct support of our environment development
The amount of information is huge; People getting this are also considerable but those that have wisdom (apoplied knowledge) are few; It is due to the lack of rigid and practical strategies to teach and promote SELF-LEARNING in order to transform our attenders in pioneers of outstanding progress in diverse human development fields.
There are various methods to aply Information to generate productive development, based upon:
*        Organization
*        Responsibility
*        Amiability
*        Service
*        Sincerity
*        Nobleness
*        Punctuality
*        persistence
*        Laboriousness
*        safety
*        Technical Development
*        Concrete plans
*        Citizen Organization
*        Respect for the Fundamental Rights: Life, Liberty.
*        Perseverance
*        effectiveness.
All these values might be summarized, according to the western vision as : TOTAL QUALITY and according to the eastern vision as KAIZEN.
“when you think you have done something right, there is still something to do: improve it”