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Muriel Translation from Spanish and Portuguese to English

Translation from Spanish and Portuguese to English with specialization in medicine, public health, veterinary health, agriculture, environmental conservation, and linguistics. MT postediting.

25 years' experience as staff translator/reviser/editor for international organizations (OAS, then PAHO/WHO), working from Spanish and Portuguese into English (fully bilingual in Brazilian Portuguese); 15 additional years as freelance. More than 75% of work has been in medicine and public health. Freelance clients have included PAHO/WHO, OAS, ECLAC, Conservational International. Extensive experience as conference translator, reviser, and précis-writer.

Ph.D. in Linguistics from Georgetown University with emphasis on discourse analysis, translation theory, and Romance linguistics. Authored over 100 articles (many peer-reviewed) on translation theory, functional linguistics, MT; also wrote 200-page style manual for PAHO. Taught translation at Georgetown Univ. for 7 years.