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Robert freelance Spanish translator

Available for:

Translation/ Interpreting/ Proofreading & Editing/ Subtitling/
Voiceover/Glossary creation/Web Localization/DTP/Web-design/Software linguistic testing/Project management/Other linguistic services


Translation: (Non specialized text- .05-.10 cents per word Specializedtext- .10-25 cents per word)
Interpreting: (M-F 7:00-7:00 $45.00 per hr. Sat-Sun. $75.00 per hr.)
Proofreading/Editing: (Non specialized text- .03 cents per word Specialized text- .10 cents per word)
Subtitling/Voiceover-Per job basis----Very reasonable rates

Important to Know:
Seasoned: 15 years working as a freelance Spanish translator; Organized: Able to manage large volume projects and work under pressure; Dead line-oriented: Able to meet tight deadlines and juggle multiple priorities; Reliable: Can be trusted to keep sensitive information secure; Creative: Strong writing and editing skills; Daily turnaround of up to 3000 words-Rush jobs are accepted

Language combinations:
English to Spanish, English UK to Spanish, English US to Spanish , Spanish to English, Spanish LA to English, Spanish Spain to English, Spanish Spain to English US, Spanish Spain to English UK, Spanish (All variants)-English (All variants)


Law: Court Interpretation, Banking & Financial Law, Corporate Law, Court Documents, Law Enforcement, Customs, Immigration-INS, Criminal And Administrative Proceedings, Contracts, Letters of Credit, Vital Records, Leasing, Association Contracts, Bills Of Lading, , Agency Agreements, By-Laws, Incorporation Documents, Bank Documents, Trust Documents, Stock Exchange Documents, Powers Of Attorney, Domestic And Foreign Bids, Court-Decisions, Judgments rendered by the Courts in the prosecution of Trademark Applications, Oppositions, Contentious-Administrative and Cassation Appeal proceedings. Also, items such as translation of General Correspondence with Clients, Private Investigators’ reports, Legal Briefings, Co-Existence Agreements, Tax Law, Commercial Reports, Preparation of Letters of Request.

Medical/Pharmaceutical: Yearly Interpreting with Jones Medical Group-Santa Cruz, BOL., Health, Clinical Practice, Diagnostic Guidelines, Medical Instruments, Anatomy and Physiology, Tests, Therapeutics, Drug Dosage Schedules, Medication and Pharmaceutical Guides - Patent litigation, Brand and Generic Name Indexes, Internet pharmacies, Extensive studies in all fields of medicine, official documents to register medical products, FDA documents, and Reports by NGO’s. Worked for Pharmaceutical Companies, such as Novartis, Squib, Laboratorios Wyeth S.A., Merck Sharp & Dohm, Bristol Myers - Productos Roche, and Alcon Pharmaceutical C.A

Financial/Banking: Online Brokerage, Accounts/Services, Debt Consolidation, Refinance, Planning, Investments, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Trading/Quotes, Research –Accounts, Reduction, Commodities, Banking: Online Banking, Policies and Procedures, Products and Services, Accounting & Auditing , Accounts, Loans, Mortgages, Advertising & Public Relations, etc.

Insurance: Insurance Claims, Vehicle, Household and Business Documents, Standard GL Subscription and Shareholders Agreement, Wrap Insurance, Proposal Form; Claim Form Reinsurance Reports, Policies, Appraisals, related Legal Translations.

General Business: Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Financial and Operating Reports, Contracts and Agreements, Etc. Training and Development Manuals. Total Quality Management, Quality Improvement, Empowered Work Teams, and Self-Directed Teamwork.

General Areas of Knowledge: Public relations, Education, Science, Engineering ,Computers, Cosmetics, Printing & Publishing, Automotive Industry, Transportation, Literature, Arts and Humanities, Military, Multimedia, Insurance, Music , Architecture, Marketing, Psychology, Agriculture, Energy, International Development, Business, Sociology, Biochemistry , Machinery & Tools, Sports, Government , Travel & Tourism, Telecommunications, Art, Mining & Minerals, Gastronomy, Shipping & Maritime, Ecology & Environment, Film & Television, Real Estate, History , European Union, Food & Dairy Technology