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Richard Full time freelance translator

Accounting / Auditing / Finance / Tax /SOX /
Corporate Law / Money Laundering Prevention

Full time free-lance translator exclusively with major international (big 4) and second-tier public accounting firms, as well as banks, stock brokerage firms, consulting firms, etc., as well as the US Embassy in Mexico City and Bogota, Colombia with 20 years of experience, specializing financial statements (corporations, banks, stock brokerage firms, etc.), management letters, tax inquiries & analysis, transfer pricing studies, legal documents such as contracts, articles of incorporation, bylaws, Sarbanes-Oxley Internal Control Projects, etc., and large money laundering prevention projects through the US embassy in Mexico and Colombia, and the Treasury Department.

After several years of ongoing research, I have compiled a Spanish-English & English-Spanish glossary of more than 5,000 specialized terms in accounting, tax, and finance, drawn mostly from sources such as the AICPA and the IMCP. The majority of these terms cannot be found in other sources. It is in the process being copyrighted in the US and will soon be published.