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Hisayo Gavin, PhD
JTF-(Japan Translators Federations) Accredited Translator (English - Japanese)
JAT (Japan Association of Translators) member
APHA (American Public Health Association) member
JMCA (Japan Medical Communicators’ Association) member
JPHA (Japan Public Health Association) member
20 years experience in translation industry

Graduate from the Waseda University
The School of Engineering 
Paper: Silica-Alumina Catalysts' activities in organic reactions)                    
 BA in chemistry
Master degree at the School of Public Health at The University of
Massachusetts at Amherst in the US
PhD candidate and a researcher of Pubic Health at Department of Human Science, Waseda University
Employment Record:    
Working for IBM-J Ltd. in Tokyo for 10 years; Product Management staff in Special Products Division in HQ, Asia Pacific Group
Translating Experience:
Language:   English into Japanese
Specialties: Medicine, Pharmaceutics, Health, Nutrition, Chemistry, Environment, Plant, Energy, Cosmetics, Food, Business, Beauty and etc.
Type of Document:  
 FDA documents, USP document ,Clinical trial report, ADR, MSDS, Health Related Safety Issue Document, Case report,
Papers, Patent, study reports, magazine articles, manuals, software manuals, Chemical patent, TV scripts, business letters, symposium minutes, etc.      
Many Japanese companies, Government and many foreign companies such as Pfizer, LANCOME, Boston Scientific Corp., Novartis, CLONTECH, MAYBELLINE CO. LTD etc.
Expertise medicine, pharmaceutics, chemistry, healthcare, software, business, patent
- Many years' Corporate experience in English spoken environment helps me to be well-versed in business and English
- Native language is Japanese.
-  I have been involved in translation business since 1990.
-  English-Japanese Accredited member of the JTF.
- Well-versed in medical field, chemistry, other scientific fields.
- Have an experience of working as a health writer for a big on-line magazine, about.com Japan for one year.
-  24-hr Fax, PC/Microsoft Word, Trados,Modem
Experience List (I can not mention all the projects through my experience,
They are examples that I may think that reflect my expertise).
- Cannulation Guidelines  ePTFE Vascular Grafts for Vascular Access for Haemodialysis ( E to J, Medical equipment)
-  A World Union of Wound Healing Societies Initiative
 Guidline for Wound Care and Management 2008
- Liquid Food Dispenser System an Method (Food Equipment Patent Translation)
- CONTAK RENEWAL 4 User Manual (Guidant-Boston Scientific Co.)
- Boston Scientific –Guidant Corp. CONFIENT ICD Manual 
 (Boston Scientific-Guidant Corp.)
- Dolphin dental equipment manual (Dolphin Co. Dentistry)
- UniCel DxC 600i Synchron Access Clinical Systems (Beckman Coulter  Medical
Equipment Manual E to J translation)
-Prosthetic Spinal Disc Replacement (Medical Equipment Patent  Application)
- AMS Monarc Subfascial Hammock User Manual. (Medical Equipment Manual)
- Accuray Robotic Radio surgery System User Manual (Medical Equipment Manual)
- Candela Alexlazer TriVantage Laser System User Manual (Medical Equipment Manual)
- Silica-Alumina Alloy Processing Technique (Chemical Processing Patent translation)
 - New Generation Triple-targeting, Chiral, Broad-spectrum antimicrobial 7-substituted piperidino-quinolone carboxylic acid derivatives, their preparation, compositions and use as medicaments(Chemistry Patent, E to J)
 - Method and extravenous corrector device for simultaneous repair of multiple incompetent venous valves (Medical equipment Patent translation)
 - Pharmaceutical Patent translation PCT (hormonal agents) Radiant Research Informed Consent documents, Database Authorization for Use and/or Disclosure of Information for Research Purposes)
 - Acid Stable Backbone Modified End-blocked Nucleic Acids and Therapeutic Uses Thereof  (Pharmaceutical Patent)

- Clear Skin Peeling Kit" (Takanashi Beauty Clinic, dermatology and skin care kit brochure)
- Evaluation of Enhance Composite Finishing and Polishing Equipment 
(Study report, Dental treatment)
‐Composit Inlay for dental treatment (Dental chemistry, Paper)
-  Vision BioSystems Bond Software and User Manual (Biomedical equipment software & user manual localization)
 - Medisafe SI Auto (26l) Sonic Irrigator  (Medisafe, Cleaning Equipment Manual)
- SLEEPTRACKER Web site Localization Manual (Sleeping tracking equipment Manual)
 - Stem Position Verification Toll Depuy (Medical equipment, Depuy)
 - NiTi CAC TM (Niti Medical Technologies Ltd, Medical Equipment Manual)
 - Resusci Anne Simulator Manual (Raedal Medical, Medical equipment) 
 - Bipap Pro User Manual  (Respironics Co. Ventilator Manual, Medical Equipment)
 - Bipap Pro Provider Manual (Respironics Co. Ventilator Manual, Medical Equipment)
 - Encore Pro Software Manual (Respironics Co. Medical Equipment    Software Manual)
 - Zenith TX2 TM THORACIC TAA Endovasuclar Graft System (Medical Equipment,

 Stent Manual)
 - Carto XP Biosense Webster Quick Guide Johnson&Johnson Company (Biomedical Equipment Manual)
 - Diabetes Testing System (Medical Testing System Manual)
 - Batch-type Single Pulse Artificial Blood Dialyser (Blood dialysis equipment software)
 - AscendAnt ACETABULAR SYSTEM (Medical Equipment Product brocure)

-  Abbott’s Hepatitis B Reagent presentation powerpoints and audioscripts
(Biochemistry, company presentations)
 - MINCARE A Disinfectant Compatible with Reverse Osmosis Systems

   (Medical equipment manual)
-   Therapeutic Consideration on Vascular Cognitive impairment
    (Presentation powerpoint)
-   California Bill of Rights for Experimental Subjects
    (Health Law translation)
-   Home Health Handbook (Publishing IMP, Book translation)
 - ARGUS Dynamic Image Evaluation Mrease Operator Manual

   (Medical Equipment operation manual)
- BioSCAN Product Brochure Video Script (Bioedical products’ brocure screen texts)
 - NewVision Product Brochures (Health care products Brochures)

-  Informed Consent Forms for Aspire Project (Bayer Corporation, clinical trials)
-  California State, Bill of Rights (Bayer Corporation, Medical Law & Regulations)
- Cambridge?Research?Systems (Tools for vision science, Company brochure) www.crsltd.com
 - MSDS for ETHYLEX 2025 GUM (for Staley)

- Aesop Skin Care and Hair treatment Products (Australian Cosmetic Company Internet localization) www.aesop.ne.au.
 - PRIMACY Skin Care Products (Product brochure)

- Veterinary Food Control (Ministry of Agriculture, forestry and fishery Japan)
 - MSDS for Benzene (for Sumitomo Corp)
 - Medisafe SI Workstation (Medisafe, Workstation software manual)
 - Characterization of Polyurethane Foams from Soybean Oil (Wiley InterScience,

 - Urea as a Nitrogen Source in the Formation of Polyaspartic Acid from Malic, Maleic and Fumaric Acids (Wiley InterScience, paper)
 - Electroinsulating Polyurethane Casting Resins Based on Soya Oil and Castor Oil (WileyInterScience, paper)

‐The Corn Industry in the USA (MONSANTO,Agricultural Industry & food report)
- Insecticide Rynaxypyr? Report (DuPont, chemical report)
- Chemical Information System (On-line web system presentations for chemical products)
- Demonstration of packaging of fernald silo waste in chemically bonded phosphate ceramic (Chemistry, paper)
- Effect of Very High-Intensity Statin Therapy on Regression of Coronary Atherosclerosis, The ASTEROID Trial
- Updated Survey on Ultrafine and Nanoparticle Emissions From Diesel
and Gasoline Engines (Energy translation)
 - BrainLAB CiTM Cleaning, Disinfection & Sterilization Guide Revision 1.3 (Depuy Johnson & Johnson Company, Manual)

-  2004 Letter to Shareholders, Timken (Timken letter and financial    statement)
-   PressureWire 5 Sensor (Radi Medical Systems, Product Manual)
-  Prosthetic Spinal Disc Replacement (Medical equipment Patent Translation English into Japanese
-Rapid Loss of FENTANYL CITRATE Admixed in FLUOROURACIL in POLYVINYL CHLORIDE Containers   (Chemistry, article)
-   INSIGNIA? I ULTRA Pacemeker Physician’s Technical Manual
  (Guidant Technical Manual Translation)-  
 - Pfizer Clinical Trial Education Manual Egroup Task (Pfhizer Remedica.com)mm
 - Pfizer Clinical Trial Education Manual Quiz Documents (Pfhizer Remedica.com)
 - Pfizer Clinical Trial Workshop Documents and Letters (Pfizer Remedica.com)
 - UPS Website Localization Japanese version (UPS, http://www.ups.com/)
 - ClinPhone User Manual_version 4.25 April 05 1 (Clinphone, User Manual) 
 - A red wine vinegar beverage can inhibit the rennin-angiotensin system; experimental evidence in vivo (Medical Paper, requested by Suntory)
 - Impairment of cardiac function in hypertensive patients with Type 2 diabetes; LIFE study (Clinical paper)
 - Business Letter “Bridget Jones:The Edge of Reason (Universal Pictures International)

 - Beauty WITHOUT Surgery TM

Transformulas? Beauty WITHOUT Surgery (Cosmetics Brochure)
 - NHS White paper (Tony Blair’s Speech, English health system, Japan Drug Association)
 - Health Insurance Overwriting (Tokyo Kaijyo Insurance Co.)
 - An aspect of medical malpractice in Japan (Legal and sociology)
 - Leaky Gut Syndrome (Sanstar, Health care magazine) 

-  National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) The Study of the Filigrastim Mobilized Blood Stem Cells For a First Transplant (Pharmacentical Clinical Trial protocol)
 - Lanc?me Airtight Compact (Cosmetics, Lanc?me-J)
 - Italian Designers (TV Asahi Documentary Script)

- In House Magazine for 2000 (Business, Bristol Myers Squibb) Bristol Myers Squib   
 - Public participation and land management in Newzealand

(Book, Ringyo-Keizai-gakkai)
- Eye lid surgery in Caucasian Women (Plastic Surgery paper)
‐Complications of photorefractive keratectomy for myopia: Two year follow-up of 3000 cases
(eye laser surgery paper)
-A Randomized multicenter double-blind double dummy comparative trial of CP99219 and Ofloxacin for the treatment of acute pelvic inflammatory disease in ambulatory subjects (Pharmacentical Clinical trial protocol)
- Organon Org32489 Phase III Protocol  (Phase III Protocol, pharmaceutical translation, Clinical trial report)
-   Paracetamol ADR Report (ADR Report, pharmacentical translation) 
 - A Randomized double-blind multicenter trial assessing the safety and efficacy of intravenous CP116517 followed by oral CP99219 compared with intravenous cefoxtin followed by oral amoxicillin/clavulanic acid for the treatment of acute pelvic infections (Pharmacentical Clinical trial protocol)
 - Sex Differences in Osteoporosis in older adults with non-insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus    (medical Paper)

-  Natriuretic peptides in chronic stable heart failure patients treated with omapatrilat, a vasopeptidase inhibitor: the IMPRESS neurohormone substudy (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co. in Japan)
 - Ramipril and the development of diabetes

  (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co.. in Japan)
 - Captopril-induced jaundice: Report of 2 cases and a review of 13 additional reports

 in the literature

  (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co.. in Japan)
 - Renal protection by angiotensin II receptor antagonists in patients with type 2 diabetes (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co..in Japan)
 - Role of endogenous endothelin on coronary flow in health and disease

 (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co. in Japan)
 - Imaging of renovascular hypertension: Respective values of renal scintigraphy, renal Doppler US, and MR angiography – Commentary

  (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co..in Japan)
 - Effect of the angiotensin II receptor antagonist valsartan on lipid profile and glucose metabolism in patients with hypertension (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co. in Japan)
 - Safety profile of perindopril (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co..in Japan)
 - ACE-Inhibition in patients undergoing CABG reduces levels of soluble ICAM-1 (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co.. in Japan)
 - Candoxaril Final Study report: protocol 112-390 (Pfizer-Japan)
 - Regression of carotid artery intima-media thickening after 6 months of effective antihypertensive treatment: First results of the cardio-vascular irbesartan project (CVIP) (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co.. in Japan)
 - Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels and pressor response (PR) to angiotensin II (All) in patients (Pts) with congestive heart failure (CHF)

   (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co..in Japan)
 - The angiotensin AT1 receptor mediates the detrimental renal and adrenal actions of acute diuretic therapy in human congestive heart failure

 (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co.. in Japan)
 - Attenuation of the increase in plasma norepinephrine by valsartan in the Val-HeFT trial (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co.in Japan)

-   Effect of amino acid infusion as an index of renal vasodilatory capacity in pregnant rats   (Medical Paper)
 - Sustained decrease in plasma brain natriuretic peptide by valsartan in the Val-HeFT trial: Effect of concomitant ACE inhibitors and betablockers at entry

 (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co.in Japan)
 - A prospective evaluation of carotid artery lumen diameter as a marker of hypertensive disease, and its relationship to blood pressure reduction.

    (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co.in Japan)
 - Continued regression of electrocardiographic left ventricular hypertrophy after two years of antihypertensive therapy: The LIFE study

 (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co.in Japan)
 - Angiotensin II receptor antagonists strongly inhibit the cardiovascular remodeling (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co. in Japan)
 - Extraction of circulating endothelin-1 through the heart promotes left ventricular remodeling after acute myocardial infarction

   (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co.in Japan)
‐ Perindopril treatment for congestive heart failure (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co.in Japan)
 - Dosage considerations with perindopril for systemic hypertension (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co.in Japan)
 - Efficacy of perindopril in the treatment of systemic hypertension

   (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co.in Japan)
 - Targeting kinin receptors for the treatment of tissue ischaemia

   (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co.in Japan)
 - Low systemic vascular resistance after cardiopulmonary bypass: Incidence, etiology, and clinical importance (Pharmaceutical paper, Sankyo pharmaceuticals Co. in Japan)
 - "Global Project" (Business Letter Boston Scientific Corp.)
 - Lanc?me shipment letter (Business letter, Lanc?me-J
 - Dolphins go back to the sea" (TV Asahi Documentary Script)

 Microsoft Japan, Mission Critical Program Work Sheet
 (Microsoft KK, Educational material)
- Microsoft Japan, Japan MCP Overview (Power Point file)
- Microsoft Japan,, Growing MSKK sales with MCP (Power Point
- Microsoft Japan, IPTV (IP Television, Presentation)
- Slective improvement: On-site implementation (Company Survey brochure, Business)
-  Dade Behring  "Observer July 2007” (Dade Behring, In house brochure)
-  Dade Behring “Observer Oct 2006” (Dade Behring In house brochure)
-  Convatec Interactive Training Program: Leg Ulcers (In house training Brochure)
Academic Papers & Presentations.
Yoko Tsuchiya MPH et al.  Factors associated with Self-Rated Health among Elderly People in Japan, European Public Health Conference in Malta 2012
土屋葉子、町田和彦、高齢者の医療、政策、病院などに対する不安に関する意識調査のテキストマイニング分析 (Yoko Tsuchiya et al. Text Mining Analysis of Anxiousness to Health Policies, Health Care, Health Systems and Others among Elderly People in Japan)第71回日本公衆衛生学会、山口県山口市 (71st Annual Meeting, Japan Public Health Association)
Yoko Tsuchiya MPH et al. Flu vaccination coverage and influential factors among the elderly people in Japan, 6th Vaccine & ISV Congress, Shanghai, China
Yoko Tsuchiya MPH et al. Flu Vaccination Acceptance among Elderly People in Japan, American Public Health Association 139th Annual Meeging, Washington, DC, 2011
子供のワクチン接種に関する母親の意識調査 日本衛生学雑誌 65(2): 388, 2010 (Japanese)(Mothers’ Awareness to Immunizasions of Their Children in Japan, Nihon Eiseigakkai zasshi)
韓国高齢者施設入居者の感染症リスク因子と予防 (in Japanese) 第19回体力?栄養?免疫学会
Current Drug Application System for Child Drugs in Japan 
 Research paper using Ministry of Health and Labor Yakuhatsu
2007 March 28 – 30th  HIS (Health Industry) Trade Show at Tokyo Big Sight
    Business Support for Naturex
    HIS (Tokyo Health Industry Show) http://cmp.this.ne.jp/
 May30 – July 1  IFIA Trade Show Business Support for  Naturex at Tokyo      Big Sight 
    IFIA (International Food Ingredients and Additives      Exposition and Conference)        
Participating Experiences in many public health projects as a coordinator working for Technical Cooperation by the Government of Japan – JICA (Japan International Corporation Agency)

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