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20120245材料1-1 WD_I28600114_AIDS_t
20120245材料1-2 WD_O42300013_Atherosclerosis (Heart disease)_1000423_t
20120245材料1-3 WD_O66500013_Life cycle of frog_t
20120245材料2-1 WD2_E51900124_Concentration of Solutions (Molarity)_t
20120245材料2-2 WD_E05900022_Preparation of oxygen from hydrogen peroxide_t
20120245材料2-3  WD_E50700124_Electronic co_t
20120245材料3-1 WD_S37700134_Fundamentals of DC Motor_
20120245材料3-2 WD_Y23400134_Internal Combustion Engine_t
20120245材料3-3 D_Y37600134_Converging lens_t
A08600143 - Coordinate planes in three dimensional space - Eng - Cross.mpg
A92200144 - Types of Quadrilaterals - Cross.mpg
A92800144 -Angle Bisector, Construction of angle equal 30 degree  -  Cross.mpg
20120245材料5-1  Physic_Webdemo updates_257 words.doc
20120245材料6-1   Biology_web demo_pending text_291 words.doc
20120245材料7-1   Chemistry_Web mono Demo Topics 059_1507_1519_Updates_353 words.doc

20120245材料8-1  WD_Day and Night Cycle_5000211_t_817 words.doc
20120245材料8-2   WD_Transmission of Sound_5000205_t_964 wordss.doc
20120245材料8-3   WD_Wedges and Screws_5000207_t_795 words.doc

20120125材料1-3:Chemistry - 6 topics demo.doc (11674 words) [Translation and Audio Recording]
 E05900022 - Preparation of oxygen from hydrogen peroxide - Cross - Saroj
 E33700124 - Chemical bonding - Babu - Cross
 E40700124 - The sigma and the Pi bond - Cross
 E50700124 - Electronic configuration and the position of an element in the periodic table - Cross
 H15600023 - Difference between diamond and graphite - Cross
 H17800023 - Hybridization of atomic orbitals - Babu - Cross
20120125材料1-4:Maths - 7 topics Demo final.doc (8527 words) [Translation and Audio Recording]
A79800144 - Areas of plane figures - Bhupendra - Cross
A99400144 - Concept of Fraction - Jigna - Cross
T79100144 - Basic concepts of Decimal - Bhupendra - Cross
T84500144 - Volume of frustum - Deepak - Cross
T84900144 - Direct & Inverse proportion - Manju - Cross
T90100144 - LCM - Bhupendra - Cross
T94700144 - Introduction to Pyramid - Deepak  - Cross
20120125材料1-5:Maths Button file_Chinese_New.doc (153 words) [Translation only]

20120125材料2-1 2_Files_Trans_PinkHighlighted_11thApril
20120125材料2-1-1 Y08200133__full_modified.doc
20120125材料2-1-2 Y08200133_modified
20120125材料2-2 4_Files_Trans_Complete_11thApril
20120125材料2-2-1 Button_file.doc
20120125材料2-2-2  Common_Button file_Chinese_Biology.
20120125材料2-2-3 S09500133.doc
20120125材料2-2-4 S33500033_quiz sim.doc
20120125材料2-2-5 Merge_chinese
20120125材料2-2-6 InstallerText_ translate to other language